Hey there~ send me a name of a Pokemon and I’ll tell you weather I
[Hate it][Dislike it][Its Okay][Like it][Love it][Go away I’m getting a little emotional]

And I’ll explain it

So just found someone’s Pokemon Black 2 on the floor while I was out and I saw they had a couples of nice shinies. So I went to Game Stop and bought an e-shop card to renew my Pokebank…turns out only like one of them was real. So if any of you have lost a Pokemon Black 2 and your name is Nakatsu, I have your game and I stole your Charizard.

I feel pressured now into buying Fire Emblem Awakening…darn you Nintendo

So kids! I just got all the shinies for my giveaway but I want a little input, so would you rather have five people each win one shiny? Or would you rather have 1 person win all five? Or something in between?

You'll never see me coming.

…Then you should have said that as an anon smart one

Well then I’m off to catch shinies now for the giveaway! Wish me luck anyone?