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This is so cute. PLease send them to me.
littlepinkpokedex: Once you get this post 5 facts about yourself, pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers.

1) I love doges
2) I really like pens
3) I got so much sweg
4) at strip clubs I don’t throw dollars I throw nickels and dimes.
5) I punched George Clooney in the face once.
Anonymous: I got my first pokemon game (Pokemon Blue) when I was 4 years old sometime in 1999/early 2000. I remember being so happy about playing it! My first starter, and therefore first pokemon ever, was a Squirtle. This was one of the few times I nicknamed my pokemon, and I named him something wild like John (with a female gender sign) because I really wanted him to be a girl (Pokemon Stadium 2 showed me that she wasn't a girl at all :(( ). I don't remember too much, but I was in awe of the legendaries!

Aww…I’m sorry he wasn’t a girl!? Ahahah but if you wanted it to be a girl why’d you still name it John!?

Pokemon The Rainbow Badge